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First Time Blogger

Yes, I have never blogged.  I know people who have blogged for a decade or more, but I was never sure it was really for me.

I have decided that a blog is easier than saying the same thing over and over and OVER again to one patient at a time, so let’s see if this can save me time and save YOU time as well.

One of my favorite topics is dry eye.  I have conversations with patients on a daily basis about dry eye, and I always talk about a “ladder of treatment”.  I don’t want us to have to climb that ladder even one rung farther than we have to, because the higher we go the more expensive and time consuming the treatments are.

So let’s talk about the first rung…hot compresses and artificial tears.  Using non-preserved tears allows you to use them literally as often as you want…100 times a day if need be (caveat: if using drops 100 times a day it’s time to climb up at least one more rung on the “ladder”!), but the real treatment here are hot compresses.  HOT COMPRESSES HELP YOU MAKE YOUR OWN TEARS.  Your own tears always work better than those in a bottle, right?

So let me close this maiden blog post with the exact method for compresses i want you to use.  Start with a washcloth that is so hot you almost can’t pick it up.  I want the cloth as hot as you can stand it.  Fold it up, wring it out, and gently apply it to your closed eyes, pressing firmly, but not hard, to your closed eyelids.  Leave the cloth there until it cools all the way down to room temperature.  From blazing hot to room temperature will take you several minutes; be patient.  Once the cloth is room temp, use the cloth to gently scrub your closed lids for about 10 seconds.  Again, be firm but don’t press hard.

Got it?  As always, you can call me 24/7 if you have questions!  Happy compressing!